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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On a slightly different note/foot

I'm about to get started on the quilt I mentioned in the previous post.  I'm currently finalizing placement design ideas and trying to figure out the actual quilting design, but I'll include all that in another post.  Right now I want to talk about swing dancing.

I grew up taking tap, jazz, and ballet and loved all forms of dance.  I'd only had little tastes of ballroom, but knew I would love to learn to swing dance.  When I started as a freshman at Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!), I knew there was a group that offered lessons.  Once I finally managed to attend one, I was hooked.  I've met many good friends (and my husband) through this group, and after a year-long hiatus from dance, I'm back in the mood for dance, and swing is my favorite.

Now, people sometimes think of different things when they think of swing dance.  You've got the ballroom-y Jive, the 90's revival/show choir East Coast, the awesome Solo Jazz, the fast and close Balboa, the smooth and sultry Blues, and then you have my absolute favorite - the Lindy Hop.  I do also like solo jazz and can't wait to learn a bit more bal and blues.

If you can walk, you can dance.  I truly believe this.  Granted, it may take some people a little more practice than others, but I haven't met a hopeless case.  And even if all you ever learn is the basic steps and a few turns, you'll impress so many people when you dance.  So go youtube some Lindy Hop fall in love like I did.  I'll post some of my favorite videos later.

And if you happen to be in Auburn, check us out: Auburn Swing

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

M.I.A. No Longer

Hello all,

I've been missing in action for a while.  A long while.  Over 2 years....  Sorry about that.  I meant to finish out that Hardanger tutorial, but couldn't find all the pictures I needed and just...toned down my internet usage by a lot.

Well, I'm here now and am so excited for so many different projects kicking around in my head.  I recently made a steering wheel cover (tutorial I used).

I enjoyed it so much and it went so quickly, I decided it was finally time to jump in and start quilting.  So I have a charm pack from Moda (Winter's Lane - ordered almost a full year ago) and I've gotten some coordinating fabric to go with it, and I'm going to make a lap quilt.

I've been researching and pinning like crazy, and I think I've finally settled on a design.  I'm aiming for a 4'x5' so it should be nice for snuggling, and I'd love to have it done before the cold weather (HA! I live in Alabama, y'all) arrives.  I think the color scheme will be perfect for winter and not just for Christmas.

I've also got a lot of recipes to share as we move into Autumn, and even some remodeling around the house.  I'll do my best to update at least more frequently than once every few years. :)