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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pin of the Week - June 19-25

  So I've seen some other bloggers post their favorite pin of the week, so I thought I'd engage in the sincerest form of flattery.

  Because I love to dance, I have a few (or 6) pairs of shoes with suede soles.  Dance floors can be quite dusty, and this has a tendency to get all over anything the shoes end up touching.  And no matter how carefully I try to arrange them with their soles together and everything, the dust still ends up on everything (like the nice black skirt I was going to wear to the dance tomorrow night, darnit!), so sometimes I'd put them in a plastic grocery bag, but then I saw this:
  Just pack the shoes in a disposable shower cap.  Love it!  And it's still a relatively cheap solution.  I'm all about that!  I thought maybe I wasn't the only person who could use this idea, so here you go.  If you want to follow me on Pinterest, find me here:  And if you want an invite, just comment and let me know!

Monday, June 13, 2011


   My name is Laura Kathryne.  Currently, I'm in my late twenties, have been married just over 5 years, and am not entirely sure what's next for me.  I have a degree in German and an interest in many other languages, have been teaching preschool for the last 3 years, and may possibly go back to school for a business degree.  I'm sure I'll write at least a little about whatever happens, but that's not the focus of the blog right now.

The Big Ones:
   I love to cook and bake.  I truly enjoy time in the kitchen (except for washing dishes, which I absolutely hate to do), and the more complicated the recipe, the more excited I get.  I'm a weird one, though, cause I'm not a fan of coffee, tea, berries, melons, or a few other things.  I love chocolate!  That's got to count for something, right?  My husband is also a picky eater, so meal planning can be a bit of a challenge.  I hope to blog about all sorts of yummy goodies and possibly about some freezer meals for exceptionally picky people here.
   Now on to crafting.  I enjoy my very beginner sewing efforts and hope to get a lot more proficient.  I love to knit and am currently working on a scarf (or two...).  I'm working on my first stamped cross-stitch, but I've completed many counted cross-stitches.  I'm learning the arts of bobbin lace and Teneriffe lace (it is Not tatting!), and plan to learn Hardanger and other types of embroidery. Oh, and I'm learning to crochet!  I'm sure I'll have a lot of projects to share with you.  Lace-making is a bit of a dying art, but I love to spread the love!
   I'm also a swing dance fanatic.  Lindy Hop is like a drug.  I began dancing in the Fall of 2002 and haven't stopped since.  I dance often in Auburn and Atlanta, and sometimes in Huntsville and Birmingham.  I also love vintage hairstyles and am becoming more interested in vintage clothing and swing music.  I'm currently loving some Amos Lee - Sweet Pea right now.

The Lesser Ones:   
   I've recently planted a garden in my back yard.  We're attempting to grow green beans (pole), tomatoes (Cherokee purple and Roma), spinach (but I live in the South and it's summer, so doubtful), soy beans, carrots, celery, onion, eggplant, straightneck squash, zucchini, rosemary, mint, thyme, dill, lavendar, basil, oregano, chives, and sage.  I got an incredibly late start (because I'm a bit of a procrastinator - who would have guessed?), so I don't know if any of it will really work, but I'm hopeful.  I would love to cook with produce straight out of my back yard.  Not paying someone else for said produce is also a bit of a draw.  If it doesn't work this year, I'll try again earlier next year!
   As I mentioned earlier, I'm a bit of a procrastinator.  I'm also incredibly unorganized.  Growing up, my room was always a wreck.  I'd clean it occasionally, but it'd never stay that way, and my house now is about the same.  I'm sick of it.  I've made a start at organizing before, but this time I'm getting serious.  I've used Flylady (never heard of it? Google her!) in the past, but this time I'm adapting it to fit me a little better.  Currently I'm just trying to get my house in order a little at a time, but with this new system, maybe I'll be able to maintain it.
   We have a LOT of home improvement projects to get around to, and I'm sure in time we will, but it's possible I'll document that here (or ask for help!).  Currently we're in the middle of renovating our master bathroom.  There's been no forward progress for a few months, but we should be moving on it soon, so maybe expect some Middle and After pictures of that.
   Reading is a great passion of mine.  I tend to disappear into books (much to the chagrin of my husband).  I love science fiction, fantasy, literature, and am trying to find my way into more nonfiction.  I always hear people mention neat books they've read and I don't even know where to begin to look for something that always used to seem so unappealing. If you have any suggestions, let me know!  And maybe I'll include some book reviews here. I'm already itching to recommend Radical by David Platt, so there, I just did it.  And on that note...

The Biggest One:
   God.  My faith will play a part in this blog.  There is no way to exclude it because it is WHO I AM.  Yes, it's that important to me.  As a result, I'm a BIG fan of Compassion International.  My husband and I sponsor a little girl in Kenya right now, and hope to be able to go visit her sometime.  We would also love to be able to sponsor another many more.  We aren't there yet, but we are working toward that end.  We also support through Campus Crusade for Christ, other individual missionaries, and The Sound of Hope.  The Sound of Hope is just over a year old, but they are already doing wonderful things.  Please consider visiting their site and supporting them.