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Friday, July 22, 2011

The girl who can't focus

  Do you know anybody who can't seem to complete one project before moving on to the next?  I am that girl. I took an apron-sewing class at the local sewing center, but I still haven't finished assembling it. I also have an almost-completed sundress. I would actually like to complete that before it gets cool again.  Aside from that, I'm currently knitting two scarves, making some Teneriffe lace medallions, cross-stitching a bookmark and some baby bibs (counted and stamped, respectively), and have material to make a few skirts and some other projects.  Actually, many other projects.

Edited to add: I didn't make the lace edging around the
bookmark.  I bought it as is and am embellishing with cross-
stitch.  You can find them at Hobby Lobby or other stores
like it, I'm sure.
  I name this coming week project-finishing week.  I am actually going to get out my sewing machine and work on something every day.  Granted, the knitting will be ongoing, and I very much doubt I'll finish that next week, but I have until it gets cool again to get the scarves done (which in Alabama means maybe November).  I'm riding with some friends to Birmingham tonight to do some dancing and bid a friend farewell, so I'll take the cross-stitch bookmark with me and get a little more work done on it in the car.  I'm also going to take some scrap pre-quilted fabric from the apron and make a pocket for my Kindle.  Then I'm going to go buy some more and make a pocket for my laptop.  That way I could carry it around in my regular backpack and it will still be protected.  And of course, I'll be posting updates as I go.  What about you?  Are you anything like me?  What projects have you left unfinished so far?

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